SunGard is one of the world’s leading software and technology services companies. Their four businesses serve 25,000 customers in over 70 countries on Availability Services, Financial Systems, Higher Education and Public Sector.


Main Indexes

Nombre Precio Cambio Apertura Anterior Máximo Mercado
 IPC  44,703.62 -0.23% 44,801.36 44,807.31 44,845.13MEX
 S&P 500  2,107.39 -0.63% 2,120.66 2,120.79 2,120.66SNP
 N/A   -0.63%  
 NASDAQ Composite  5,070.03 -0.55% 5,093.10 5,097.98 5,099.40NIM
 IBOVESPA  52,760.48 -2.2525% 53,974.26 53,976.28 53,974.26SAO
 USD/MXN  15.38 +0.0020% 15.38 15.38 15.38CCY
 EUR/MXN  16.78 +0.0019% 16.78 16.78 16.78CCY

Program Trading

Our clients have a vast diversity of options for the order routing mechanisms to any of the Mexican available stock markets:

  • Domestic Capitals Mexican Market (Equities).

  • International Capitals Market (SIC) listed in the Mexican Market.

  • Derivatives Markets (Mexder) for Options and Futures.


Finamex Inversiones

Finamex Inversiones está dedicada a manejar y diseñar portafolios de inversión a mediano y largo plazo, para personas físicas o morales con objetivos de crecimiento patrimonial. La conformación de los portafolios se realiza buscando la mejor diversificación posible de monedas o instrumentos financieros de acuerdo al perfil de cada cliente.

Para conocer más de estos servicios siga esta liga hacia Finamex Inversiones... o ingrese a

Capital Markets

Finamex is a pioneer in the Mexican Capital Markets trading since 1990. From simple to complex order types trading strategies, our focus is to provide our clients the best execution possible on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Our “Working orders” hands-on service is the envy of our competitors. HIGH TOUCH “Working orders” allow the Finamex desk traders the discretion to determine the timing and execution method to be used for complex trading strategies when immediacy is not critical, and always within the limits and instructions of the client.


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