Investment Portfolio

Cartera Peso Hedge

Conservative Short

Te permite invertir en instrumentos extranjeros como bonos gubernamentales de Estados Unidos, sin perder el rendimiento en pesos que ofrecen las tasas locales.

Derivatives Portfolio

Conservador Corto

Transform volatility into returns and invest in financial derivatives, primarily in interest rate and exchange rate derivatives.

Dollars Portfolio

Conservador Corto

Obtain a yield similar to that offered by the peso-dollar exchange rate by investing in U.S. Treasury Bonds with short-term maturities.

Finamex Portfolio

Conservador Corto

Invest in domestic debt market instruments with different terms and assume hedging positions against interest rate movements.

Variable Yield Portfolio Global

Conservador Corto

Take advantage of opportunities on the international stock markets and invest in the primary companies, sectors and stock indexes.

Government Portfolio

Conservador Corto

Investment 100% in debt market instruments issued by the Mexican Federal Government and/or Banco de México with different terms.

Conservador Corto

Fixed Yield Portfolio International

Conservador Corto plazo

Invest in bonds of emerging and developed countries, as well as in corporate debt instruments for international companies.

Variable Yield Portfolio Mexico II

Conservador Corto

Positioned as the best strategy in the domestic securities market. Offers a wide range of opportunities and benefits for your investment.

Variable Yield Portfolio United States

Conservador Corto

Diversified in the primary companies on the U.S. stock exchanges listed on the International Quotation System (SIC).