Casa de Bolsa Finamex, S.A.B. de C.V.

We are a proudly Mexican firm that is a leading provider of services granting access to the Mexican Securities market.

We offer financial services to individual, corporate and professional investors in the Mexican money, capital, derivatives and exchange markets, with various products providing direct access and specialized mixes.

We are backed by the best technology specifically designed for the provision of our specialized services, which gives us the fastest, most direct and most neutral access to the electronic capital and derivatives markets.

We have the quality and specialization founded on the experience and professionalism of our whole team, which is constantly being updated and fine-tuned with respect to everything that make us the spearhead of financial services in service the needs of our customers.


Be the best brokerage firm in the administration of third-party assets due to our innovative products and service excellence.


Offer high-quality financial services in the management of investments and execution of the transactions of our institutional and individual customers, providing comprehensive solutions, innovative products and cutting-edge technology.


“Our teamwork is what sets us apart and our service attitude is what characterizes us. We work hard to be the most innovative Brokerage Firm that works with passion and humanity, by demonstrating honest work that gives our customers, employees and shareholders confidence.”