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Risk Management


Casa de Bolsa Finamex, with the goal of having a higher level of competency and taking into account the growing complexity and volatility of the Financial Markets, has reinforced its Risk Analysis structure.

We have implemented control systems to monitor and optimize the risk-benefit relationship in a timely and complete way, establishing policies, limits and controls for the different lines of business, and determining the capital necessary for protection.

Risk control is managed by the following internal bodies:
Authorizes the methodology and maximum risk tolerance levels.

Reviews positions and risk quantifications on a quarterly basis.
Meets on a monthly basis.

Proposes methodology and the maximum tolerance levels.

Authorizes lines of credit & counterparty lines.

Monitors limits and risk tolerance levels.
Identifies, quantifies and reports risk exposure on a daily basis.

Monitors and ensures daily compliance with the authorized risk limits for each executive and at the aggregate level.

Risk quantification is carried out using technological tools such as “VaR Global”, “SIF” internal systems, together with a database that has the following sources of information: Bloomberg, Price vendor and pages for Regulatory Institutions.